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  Dr. Frank (Bud) McCormish -
MHS Class of 1951
  Retired Naval Officer / Dentist

We turned back the clock a few decades, and asked Bud to give us a feel for what it was like attending Manchester in the middle of the 20th century. And, of course, he's packed a lot of interesting history into his life since graduation. Enjoy.

Tell us about your family:

Married to Gayle, a Highland High School alum. We have three children, three grandchildren, and one great grandchild, none of whom attended Manchester. My daughter, Theresa Hurray, lives in Massillon & is employed with Giant Eagle. Son, Keith, lives in Columbus, where he owns a consulting business - writing grants to help to raise funds for charitable agencies. Our other daughter, Melissa, lives in Ashford, England. Her husband, Walt, is a nuclear engineer with British Energy, and they have two children, Garrett & Abigayle.

Military Service / Education after Manchester:

Upon enrolling in Dental College at The Ohio State University, I entered the Naval Reserve. Following graduation I served 2 years active duty as a dentist at the Naval Air Station, North Island, Coronado, California. I was made the Prosthetic Officer (full & partial dentures) because the Captain was an Ohio State graduate & wanted an OSU doctor performing those duties. If you are a military dentist & have a genie grant you one would be to become the prosthetic officer at North Island, Coronado, California!

I got to watch some of the filming of the movie "Some Like It Hot" with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis & Joey Brown. The volleyball scene on the beach, in back of the Hotel Del Coronado with Marilyn Monroe in a wool-knit bathing suit, will always bring a smile to my face. She was "Drop Dead Gorgeous."

Occupation history:

After being discharged from the Navy I returned to Akron and opened my dental practice. Eventually, I wound up in the Cedar Locust Building for 16 years. Then I moved my practice to Fairlawn until I retired in August, 2000. WOW-where did it go?

My wife, Gayle, is a dental hygienist and is currently working for dentists in Akron & Lodi. She loves her profession and wasn't ready to retire when I did.

Travel highlights:

We've been fortunate to have two timeshare locations, one for two weeks on Hilton Head Island, Shipyard Plantation...and the other, two weeks at Marco Island, Florida. Didn't get to go this year - Hurricane Wilma went instead and took our two weeks.

I did get to go to Spain and Portugal on a golf trip with eleven other golf nuts in 1994...and had Sean "007" Connery complain bitterly (with many expletives) 'cause we were holding him up on one course in Spain.

Gayle and I went to England last Spring ('05) to visit our daughter, Melissa, and her family. One day we rode the train to London and did the tourist thing, also visited Wimbledon and took an hour tour of that great tennis facility. Much to my surprise, it was an excellent experience.

Hobbies / Activities:

As you might guess, I enjoy golf any time it is 50 degrees or above. When I can't play golf I enjoy cooking---most anything. Something else that makes the time pass is my interest in woodcarving, figures, Santas, birds, bears, etc. Out of a plain wooden box, I carved the outside to resemble a woven, wicker basket.

Favorite teacher at Manchester, and why:

High School English teacher Mrs. Glick was my favorite. She encouraged me to go to college and persevere. I had NO study habits, and she made me aware of the need to study---and for her, I did. Because of her I acquired the English skills to convince the OSU Board of Review to allow me to continue to the second quarter of school. After the first quarter, they'd wanted me to go to a prep school. I declined.

Favorite / Least-favorite classes:

Probably my least favorite class was Algebra, with Civics right behind...possibly because of the teachers and, as a cocky high school jock, I thought academics were beneath me (Duh).

Best Manchester memories:

My favorite memories from school were all about athletics: football, basketball and our embryonic, pathetic baseball team. We had no uniforms for baseball and we looked like rumdumbs - and we were! Our class did have the best cheerleaders though, and I was very proud of them. In retrospect, though, I wish my favorite memories were of academics instead of athletics; however it worked out, finally.

Memories on the downside:

The one least-favorite memory was when Coach McDowell kicked me off the basketball team. After graduating from Wooster College he came to MHS as the assistant football coach, and I made a smart remark to him during practice (I thought we were being "buddy-buddy"). When basketball season came, I thought I'd be one of the starting 5 or 6 players, as usual, but quickly found myself on the bench all thru the games. (Mr. McDowell was also the new hoops coach.) Probably good for me in the long run, as I had to work in my dental lab in the basement of my home after practice and after games, sometimes until 3am. With no ballgames I could be finished by midnight.

Thoughts about attending the "old" Manchester High:

I loved our school, but it wasn't much of a preparation for college at that time, and discipline was low. For instance, we would set our watches for a certain time; then when that time arrived, we simply got up and met in the parking lot, got in a car and went to an opening game at Cleveland Stadium. Next day, Mr. Nolley would ask us if "that was the proper attitude." He was great!

Clubs or activities you enjoyed in school:

I belonged to HiY, drama club (Petite Theatre?) and sports organizations.

Class Reunions you've attended / Memories:

Gayle and I attended my 50th reunion and I tried to remember names because some of 'em got old, and I had forgotten their names. The longer we talked, the younger they seemed to get. That was great.

Did you have any favorite "hangouts?"

Carl Lipford, Ron Welty and I used to go to Summit Beach Park for the Country Western shows - Little Jimmie Dickens, Hank Snow, Hank Williams, on-stage, playing real country music (hillbilly music, then). We would go to the "Crystal Chandelier," or a hamburger joint on the corner of Manchester Rd. & Waterloo. Also hung about Caston's Landing on Turkeyfoot Lake (now Howie's).

What kind of music do you listen to?

Currently I enjoy Classical music, like Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, etc. I don't know when the crossover occurred...however, country became rock - so I departed.

Favorite TV shows, then and now:

My parents owned a nursing home (the former HealthHaven facility) on Turkeyfoot Lake, and when we got our first TV set it had to have a magnifying apparatus in front. The patients and my family would gather single-file in front of it to watch the shows. I used to watch "Broadway Open House" with Jerry Lester and Dagmar. After the show came the Test Pattern, followed by the Star-Spangled Banner. What fun!

Now, our household will not miss "House" or "24." We have hundreds of channels, but watch only ten or 12 of them, if that many.

Does any of your family still reside in Manchester?

Both of my sisters live in New Franklin, on Turkeyfoot Lake. Tanya (McCormish) Russo lives near the Tudor House. Nancy (McCormish) Kendrick---a retired Manchester teacher---lived behind Tanya's house until last fall. She now lives on East Reservoir. My "little brother," Vincent (Colonel) & his wife, Jeannie, now live in Dunellon, Florida. Both of my parents have since passed away, Mom in the late 1980s and Dad in 1997. He was almost 98 years old! Gayle and I live at 5524 Burnhill Dr., Medina, Ohio 44256

You can drop Bud a note via email at:

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