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  Steve Mesaros - MHS Class of 1970
  Broadway actor / Director and Choreographer


I’m Steve Anthony Mesaros (professional name: Steve Anthony), and have been married to my wife, Jill, for 23 years. We have one amazing daughter, Aleksandra, or Aleka, as she’s known by friends and loved ones. She’ll turn 21 in August of this year.

Occupation history:

Actor, Director / Choreographer

Wife’s occupation:

Executive Producing Director of “Miracle Theatre Productions,” one of San Diego’s most prominent theatre operations

(Editor’s addition: Glancing at the MTP website, it notes that Jill and Steve developed their own cabaret act, performing with such legends as Milton Berle, Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Jackie Mason and Alan King.)

History after MHS:

After graduating in June of 1970, I moved to Manhattan and spent the next 15 years of my life in New York City. My dream as a kid—from the time I was in grade school—was to go to New York and dance on Broadway. Dreams do come true. During my time in NYC, I was in five Broadway shows: Seesaw, Rockabye Hamlet, Spotlight, The Act (starring Liza Minnelli), and A Chorus Line. My big 15-minute “claim to fame” is that I am one of the original 22 Broadway dancers that the show (A Chorus Line) was written about. The character of ‘Mark’ in the show is based on Yours Truly. I have been blessed to have worked with some of our greatest director/choreographers . . . Michael Bennett, Gower Champion, Bob Fosse, Hal Prince.

I met my wife in 1980 at an audition I was holding for a show that I was directing. I cast her, we became best friends, and were married in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands in 1984. We now live in Southern California, and have our own production company that produces musical theatre shows throughout the country. I still perform as an actor. I also direct and choreograph, as well as quest teach at schools and universities worldwide.

Favorite MHS memories:

All the summers at Hillside Park . . . Friday night football games . . . the school dances . . . Ski Club at Boston Mills and Brandywine my junior year . . . pep rallies . . . getting detentions . . . hanging out at Lujan’s Drive-In, not to mention the bars at Kent State (you didn’t see that, mom and dad!).

Weird experiences, then or now:

I’m afraid a lot of my showbiz stories might a little scandalous to share with the alumni, and would fare better on the front of the tabloids. But here’s a story I recall from my sophomore year. We had a new gym teacher . . . Coach Mike, I believe his name was. Drove around in a ‘vette and thought he was “all that.” Well I was not one of his pet students, I could tell that from Day One. But I hung in there and did my best. (Remember, I wasn’t a sports jock, I was an artist.) Wrestling season soon came, and we were told we’d be wrestling every day in PE. So I went up to Coach Mike and told him that I didn’t want to wrestle. After chiding me in front of the entire gym class, he demanded to know my reason for not wanting to wrestle. Well, I told him, being pinned to the mat with my legs up over my head by some big smelly jock wasn’t my idea of having a good time. He turned so red I thought he was going to explode. He sent me to the bleachers, where I sat for the rest of wrestling season and took an “F” in PE. (Talk about scandalous!)

Favorite Manchester teachers

Mr. Biss (biology), Mr. Myers (math and shop), Mrs. Williams (government), Mrs. Townsell (algebra) and Mrs. Mays (study hall).

Thoughts about attending Manchester schools:

I really enjoyed my four years at MHS. Prior to going there, I spent eight years at Catholic school (St. Francis De Sales) . . . need I say more? I was WAY over those nuns! Received a great education at both schools, though.

Favorite song from the 1970 era:

WIPEOUT . . . of course!

My old friends would be surprised to know…

. . . that I still think about them often and wonder how they’re doing. Janet Lester, Patti Richard, Dave Wells, Pam Harr, Randy Bockman, Faye Graham, Carolyn Newkirk…miss ya, guys!

If I could change or re-do one thing…

. . . I’d make sure that all people of the world, especially the children, have a roof over their heads, food in their cupboards, good medical care and education. Abolish all war and hate, and live my life for the journey, not the “what ifs.”

Still have family members residing in Manchester?

My parents still live on Yager Road, and I try to get home as often as I can.

Old friends can send Steve an email at:

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