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Manchester High School
437 West Nimisila Road
Akron, OH 44319
(330) 882-3291

  Summer (Stevenhagen) Montabone --
MHS Class of 1994
  Fitness Athlete & Owner of Wellness Business

Spouse / Years married / How you met:

Jeremie and I have been married since June 1999. Jeremie is also a Manchester grad. We met in high school and went on to college together.


Jeremie & I currently live in Jackson / North Canton, OH.

Education after MHS:

I attended the University of Toledo and graduated in Dec. '98 with a degree in Health & Physical Education.

Occupation history:

Taught high school at Toledo-Whitmer for 3 years, then Jeremie and I moved to Jackson to be near our family. I currently am teaching in a different setting-thru operation of my wellness business, Summer's Fitness. Am also co-founder of Human Potential Labs, and a Pro Fitness Athlete. Various apparel, DVDs, resistance bands, and services are all part of my business and website,

Spouse's occupation:

Registered Nurse -- First Assistant in Open Heart Surgery

Interesting things you've done since high school:

I always "dreamed" of competing in fitness and being in the industry magazine. Competing & modeling became a reality, after winning the Fitness Nationals in 2004 and turning pro. I have since had many different opportunities I used to "dream" about.

Travel highlights:

I've traveled to several states through competitions and guest-appearances that I probably would never have visited otherwise.

Current Hobbies / Activities:

I spend a lot of time running the various aspects of my business, but I always spend time with my family.

Favorite Manchester teachers, and why:

There are several teachers I liked . . . it's hard to say who was my "favorite."

Favorite subject at MHS:

I enjoyed math, physical education and health the most.

Least favorite subjects at MHS:

Social Studies or History

Favorite Manchester memories:

I have a lot of good memories from participating in the band, track, and volleyball. I'm not sure if some people would consider these "favorite", but I definitely remember....
- having shaving cream sprayed all over my body while I had to stand at attention for band camp.
- tripping over the second to the last hurdle in a race; my teammate running the race saw me fall & then she fell, but we both got up and still finished the race.
- never being able to find socks to wear with my tennis shoes for volleyball practice & my friends giving me a pack of socks. [This is still a problem today ]

Least favorite memories from school, if any:

Dealing with some of the "typical teenage" issues, such as negative interactions with some of your classmates, I could have done without . . . but I guess that's part of life.

Best friends from school days.

I was friends with a lot of different people. My husband and I are definitely best friends.

What sports, if any, did you play at MHS??

Volleyball, Track, Feature Twirler, Cheerleading

Other H.S. activities you enjoyed:

Student Council, S.A.D.D.

Which H.S. reunions have you attended? Favorite memories from any of them?

I attended our "11" Yr. Reunion last year and my husband's 10-Yr. Reunion this year. It was nice to see how so many people have grown and what interesting careers and accomplishments classmates have achieved. I hope more people turn out in the future.

Did you have any favorite high school "hangouts?"

The only place I can remember going is Taco Bell after games & events.

Favorite music from your H.S. era, and current favorite:

In High school I liked hard rock/heavy metal, and I still like it. Korn, Disturbed, Ten Years & Drowning Pool are some of my favorites.

Favorite TV shows (then & now):

I never really got into TV shows during high school; I think I went to bed too early ?. I don't really watch much now, either . . . just movies with my husband or the occasional "reality" show.

Favorite movies (then & now)

Favorite movies then? I think Romeo & Juliet. Now, my husband usually picks and he loves Adam Sandler movies. I enjoy comedies the most.

Biggest Pet Peeve since your graduation:

I have a hard time dealing with "excuses." I appreciate honesty. Communication is the key to successful relationships; if you say something, mean it & do it.

"My old friends would be surprised to know."

.I don't have any kids yet. Just not ready right now.

Family members who are also MHS alumni? Does your family still live in Manchester?

Lots of Manchester grads in the family! My dad, John Stevenhagen, and his sister, Debi, and brother, Tim. Also, my sisters and brothers: Sally, Susan, Michael, Matt and Mark. Several cousins, too. And yes, my family still lives in Manchester.

Friends can contact Summer by email at Or visit her website, .

NOTE: Summer is featured in the Nov./Dec. 2006 issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers ( ), and will also appear in the January 2007 issue of Oxygen Women's Fitness magazine. If you Google her name, "Summer Montabone," you'll find several link fitness industry sites with additional exposure.

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