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Manchester High School
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(330) 882-3291

  Diane (Chuha) Cannon --- MHS Class of 1977
  Elementary Teacher / Cancer Survivor


I've been married to Jeff for 17 years, and we have one son, Jake, who is 14. He has played in four "World Series" baseball games. During one of his most recent games, he was pitching and a line-drive broke his nose in two places. We spent the day in the emergency room. After sitting out for two days, he caught the next game and threw out the first batter at first! He is currently quarterback for the freshman football team. We are real proud of him!!

Location history:

We live in Mesquite, Texas . . . home of the Mesquite Rodeo. I went to one rodeo and hated to see the cowboys tie up the cows, so I have never gone back.

Education after MHS:

Bachelors degree from The University of Akron and a Master's from Texas A&M

Occupation history:

I currently teach third grade. This is my 26th year in education. My first three years I taught kids who were expelled from regular school; the next ten I taught third; the next ten I taught sixth; the next two I taught fifth; and now I am back in third.

Spouse's occupation:

Jeff is a graphic artist. His freelance drawings can be viewed on the web at Click on "Jeff Cannon."

Interesting things you've done since high school:

I am a cancer survivor. Was diagnosed Dec. of 2004, went thru chemo and radiation at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, and now volunteer in the cancer center.

For those of you who remember how crazy I was about Eric Carmen and The Raspberries, Beth (Bjerre) Stewart [Class of '79] flew me to Ohio last July to see the Raspberries Reunion Concert . . . and FINALLY, after 30 years, I met Eric!! We are now my screen saver!!!

Strangest things you've done since high school:

Let's see, I've worked at a catering company and have waited on several stars. I used to hang out at the Dallas Cowboy training camp (imagine that!). I've met Charlie Waters, who probably thinks I stalk him because I see him so often! I was just in Ohio to see Troy Aikman get inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I did a screen-test for a commercial, and am now having my picture taken for a calendar for Baylor Hospital.

Travel highlights:

Ohio and back? No, I've vacationed in the Bahamas and Cancun, and we've been to Colorado, Mississippi and Louisiana for baseball.

Current Hobbies / Activities:

Jake's baseball and football games. And I still watch The Young and The Restless . . . it's going on almost 30 years now.

Favorite Manchester teachers, and why:

Mr. Myers was kind and understanding, and Mr. Brandon didn't make me dissect anything. Mr. Armenti was the most patient with me and my lack of math skills.

Favorite subject at MHS:

Choir . . . I had a crush on Mr. Zartman.

Least favorite subjects at MHS:

Algebra, Geometry, and Phys. Ed. I hated those green gym suits! Mrs. Lasater tried sooo hard to give me licks. She never did

Favorite Manchester memories:

Hanging with Lori in her Camero, dancing at The Elms, going to Harry O's in Canton, singing with Chuck Begert during halftime at the football games. Also, driving down Cadillac Hill with Chuck, Julie and Steve Hadges (or was that his brother?).

Least favorite memories from school, if any:

Besides the aforementioned green gym suits, fake people. I wish I knew then what I know now. None of the popularity stuff matters the day after high school.

Thoughts about attending Manchester schools, in general:

I wish my son could experience the small-town school and slower-paced lifestyle. The high school he attends will have 800+ in his graduating class.

What sports, if any, did you play at MHS?

I had a job and couldn't do much else.

Other H.S. activities you enjoyed:

Winning the 1974 State Basketball Championship at St John's Arena in Columbus.

Which H.S. reunions have you attended? Favorite memories?

I've attended each reunion our class has held. I have lots of memories, but can't disclose many of them!!

Did you have any favorite high school "hangouts?"

Harry O's, The Elms, and I can't remember the name of the restaurant we'd go to after the games.

Favorite music from your H.S. era, and current favorite:

The Raspberries, Eric Carmen, anything disco, Chicago, and the Three Degrees song "When will I see you again."

I now enjoy a little country and STILL listen to my old favorites.

All-Time Favorite TV shows:

Magnum P.I., Mork and Mindy, Dark Shadows . . .

All-Time Favorite movies:

Grease, A Star is Born, and (more recently) The Bridges of Madison County, and anything with Richard Gere or Mel Gibson!

If you could re-do or change one thing, what might that be*?

I would have been more involved, and wish I would have tried harder in my classes.

Do you still have family living in Manchester? And how often do you return to your hometown?

My parents still live in Manchester and I get home when I can. My sister Karin (MHS '75) lives near me here in Texas, but my oldest sister, Sue (MHS '73), lives in Canal Fulton.

You can drop Diane an email at: .

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