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  Liz (Bakota) Pratt --- MHS Class of 2001
  Public Relations Executive for the Cocopah Indian Tribe


My husband's name is Ryan, and we were married July 9, 2005. We met in Akron while I was home for the summer from college my freshman year and while he was preparing to leave for boot camp. He had joined the Marine Corps. We kept in touch through letters while he was in boot camp, and I knew he was the person I would marry. We have two Dachshund puppies, Scrappy and Dixie.


We live in Yuma, Arizona

Education after MHS:

The Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, BSJ '05

Occupation history:

I am the public relations representative for the Cocopah Indian Tribe. I oversee the PR department and the areas of media relations, legislative affairs, government relations and community relations. I'm also in charge of the website,, and the production of The Council Voice, a monthly newsletter on behalf of the Cocopah Tribal Council. During this year, I have also been appointed the Cocopah Tribal Police liaison, the tribal emergency response public information officer and the bio-terrorism public information officer.

While in this position, I've had many wonderful opportunities working with the national and international media, and working with many local, state and federal elected officials. The Cocopah Indian Tribe includes three reservations, which cover seven non-contiguous miles of the U.S. - Mexico border.

Spouse's occupation:

Ryan served four years in the United States Marine Corps and currently works for the Department of Defense as a civilian firefighter at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma.

Interesting things you've done since high school:

I've had the pleasure of giving a guided tour of the Cocopah RV and Golf Resort to the CBS producer of The Early Show while filming "Tour My Town" in Yuma. I work with and have met Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and her office representatives, U.S. Representative Raul Grijalva, State Representative Amanda Aguirre and many other elected officials and governmental agency representatives.

Strangest thing you've done since high school:

I reluctantly have ridden a mechanical bull with my best friend while visiting her in Cincinnati.

Travel highlights:

I've driven cross-country three times and have traveled to Paris and Mexico.

Current Hobbies / Activities:

I enjoy relaxing on the weekends with a good book, shopping and traveling.

Favorite Manchester teachers, and why:

Mrs. Austin, because she taught me discipline, dedication and the proper use of grammar! Had she not interested me in writing, I may not have decided to go into journalism. And, of course, (Nolley teacher and "mom") Mrs. Bakota, for obvious reasons.

Favorite subjects at MHS:

English and The Panther Press

Least favorite subject at MHS:


Favorite Manchester memories:

Being a "charter member" on the high school's first girls soccer team, and playing four years. Also, having the same best friend from kindergarten that I'm still close with today.

Other H.S. activities / clubs you enjoyed:

National Honor Society, the Science Club and the newspaper

Favorite music from your H.S. era, and current favorite:

I've always had a pretty wide-range in music style. I'm a radio surfer.

Favorite TV shows (then & now):

Gilmore Girls then . . . and Gilmore Girls now! Also, Grey's Anatomy.

Favorite movies (then & now):

(then) Goonies
(now) The Sweetest Thing

Biggest Pet Peeve since your graduation:

Slow drivers in the fast lane

"My old friends would be surprised to know."

. . . that I'm married and living in Yuma, Arizona.

If you could re-do or change one thing, what might that be.?

I would have spoken my mind more often in class and not have been so self-conscious.

How often do you return to Manchester?

I'm only able to return home about once a year, but I talk to my mom almost every day.

You can contact Liz by email at: .

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