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  Class of '79 Newsletter

Vol. 10 -- July 2006

The first class in school history to produce its own quarterly newsletter / If you can read this, thank a Manchester teacher

I. LAST CHANCE: Our Final Get-Together at Pancho's Mon., Aug. 7th at 6:30pm - Outside on Patio

As we noted in a prior email, our 10th regularly-scheduled after-work dinner at Pancho's will also be our last - and hopefully the biggest. The '79 event organizers will continue meeting for food & talk, but at different locales and on less-regular dates. Several classmates have already asked to be kept informed of future get-togethers. and if you, too, are interested, just send a quick e-note. Or better yet, just come join us Aug. 7th. No excuses!!

DETAILS: Pancho's Southwest Grille in Green / 4325 Massillon Rd. (outside, on the South Patio) In 2 weeks! Mon., Aug. 7th at 6:30pm All are invited! / Informal & fun

EASY TO FIND: Exit off I-77 at Massillon Rd. (Rt. 241.this is only a mile south of the Arlington Rd. exit. Head south for 1-½ miles.

II. MHS Alumni / Homecoming Pre-Game Tailgate Party Tent
Fri., Sept. 29th at 6pm

This popular annual event has grown every year since 2000. Free food and soft-drinks will be available under the giant Alumni Tent, located outside the football stadium. At least two classes, '81 & '86, are kicking off their reunion weekends at the Tailgate Party, and dozens of Class of '79 friends have stopped in over the last two years-so there'll be lots of familiar faces. Make plans now to join us for the pre-game on Sept. 29th.(and stay for the game)! NOTE: There's a possibility that THIS could be the game that Coach France records his 300th win. (see below)

III. Where Are They Now ? ? ?

Four Classmates and Two Retired Teachers

We had some great responses for this issue, including Q & A replies from Denise Cummins, Eric Havenhill, Lisa Robinson, Eric Hendrickson.and two of our favorite Middle School teachers, Mr. Frain and Mrs. Sees (formerly Mrs. McCutchan). Later, below, there are a few shorter '79 family updates, too!

Catching up with: Denise (Cummins) Mitchell
Medical mom in Canal Fulton

From Zip to Magic City: After finishing high school I went straight to Akron U and earned my Bachelors Degree in Nursing. I've been employed at Barberton Citizens Hospital for 24 years, holding a variety of positions - including Nurse Manager, Department Head, Compliance Officer, Vice President; and my current responsibility is overseeing the Center for Emergency Services. One of the most exciting work projects I've been involved in is working with the Federation of American Hospitals in Washington, D.C. drafting statements for Congress regarding national healthcare issues.

Family Ties: Another wonderful benefit of working at BCH was meeting my husband, Jim Mitchell (a MHS class of '76 grad, whose mother is Mrs. Evelyn Mitchell, one of our middle school teachers!). Jim and I have been married 19 years and we have two sons, ages 17 and 16, that both attend Canton Central Catholic High School. Our sons were both premature, weighing in at 3lbs and 2lbs, respectively, but you'd never know that now. Our oldest will be a senior and is a returning letterman in football; our youngest is entering his junior year and is a member of the soccer team. Both boys are on the cusp of earning their Eagle Scout honors, and we are currently making the college-campus rounds in & out of state.

Travel / Hobbies: I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel throughout the years (some on business, some with family), and have been to many different countries in Europe and in the Caribbean. I have also visited a majority of major cities in the U.S. Our family is looking forward to an upcoming trip to Rome, Paris and London early 2007. We also have had several boats over the years and love to spend the weekends on the water.

MHS Favorites / And "not so much": My favorite teacher was Mr. Armenti, who always challenged me to think; while my least favorite (not having to do with the teachers, but the subject matter) was history. I cannot believe we had the same subject - American History - four years in a row. I had all the filmstrips, videos and handouts memorized.and even though we protested that we had been there and done that, the torture continued!

School Craze: One of the memories that really sticks out most in my mind regarding classroom antics was a particular test taken in Mrs. Mays' class. I had initially completed the test when Matt Miller took the test paper off my desk, copied the answers and then passed my test to multiple people in the room. As the test was being passed around I realized I had incorrectly calculated something. By the time my paper returned I barely had time to correct it. The next day a dozen or so students were called to the front, and I sat all alone in the back of the classroom as Mrs. Mays was discussing the cheating that was evident - as the wrong answer had been calculated in exactly the same way on all their papers. Mrs. Mays called my mother to discuss the situation with her, stating she thought I had been involved in a cheating ring.but lo and behold, this test had clearly proved I had not been involved, and she was so pleased! Ha Ha!

Locally. My brother and sisters all live here in the Akron/Canton area and we remain close. My parents still live in Manchester and will be celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary in July '06!

You can drop an email to Denise at:

Catching up with: Eric Havenhill
Mechanical Engineer in Michigan

First off, I'd like to extend my appreciation to Eric Stone and anyone else that contributes to the MHS '79 newsletter, as it has really prompted me to think about a chapter of my life that I thought was closed years ago. The effort that goes into putting this newsletter together is obvious.

A 27-Year Overview.College, Work & Family: After graduating from MHS in the summer of '79 it was right back to school for me at the University of Akron in the fall. Although most people tended to commute to UA, I moved to campus. What a blast! . . . and a lot of hard work, as well. Rolling out of bed at a quarter 'til 8 and still making it to an 8:00 class wasn't bad, either. I met my wife Barbara there, and a lot of other good people, too. I graduated from UA with my Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. I moved to Dallas, TX shortly after gradation to work for an aviation services company and lived there for about five years. I enjoyed Dallas, and I enjoyed the job, but wanted to get more into designing new stuff rather than servicing existing stuff. I decided to move back to the midwest when the trend became apparent that the small & mid-sized airlines (my employer's main clientele at the time) were being bought up by the large airlines who did most of their own service work. Besides, Barb and I were using up all of our vacation time to visit family back in Ohio, anyway.

I didn't relocate all the way back to Ohio, but did get as close as Ann Arbor, Michigan and later moved north a few miles to Brighton, which is were I live today. My family & Barb's family, devout OSU Buckeyes, have not forgiven us to this day for moving to "enemy" territory. I took a job with Ford Motor Company and Barb took a job as a nurse with the University of Michigan. I started in the Component Design department in Ford's Engine Division, but have spent the last eight years working in their Engine Performance Development department. For a longtime auto enthusiast like me, it's really been a dream job. I consider myself fortunate to have a job that I look forward to going in to every morning.

Barb and I have two sons, Jon (16) & Kyle (13). They are really self-motivated kids who study hard and get good grades. Jon's passion is swimming and he's quite good at it. This last year, he got 5th place in the backstroke event in his school's conference, just missing state cuts. He has two more years to make it to State and I'm confident that he will. Kyle has been trying his hand (feet?) at track. He's really the more gregarious of the two, has a great sense of humor, and could sell snowballs to Eskimos.

Favorite MHS teacher: Mr. Armenti - he's the one who steered me towards Engineering as a career. I always appreciated his no-nonsense approach to teaching, even if he could be a bit intimidating at times. It was good practice for dealing with upper management! (lol) Mr. Cowger has to be runner-up in this category, as he took a dry subject like teaching Government and kept it somewhat interesting. I never appreciated how much I learned in his class about how our government works until I realized how little others in our country actually seem to know about it. Thanks, Mr. Armenti and "Reverend" Ed!

Strangest High School Memory: Getting called into the office with Doug Bietko for copying one another's lab reports. They did look a lot alike, but the truth is that neither Doug or I copied, it's just that we had studied so much together over four years (Doug was in nearly every one of my HS classes), that we tended to write in similar fashions. Since we were lab partners, we of course came up with similar conclusions for the lab we got called in for, Duh! Mr. France, being the reasonable man he is, let it go.

Favorite high school memory: Home football games during crisp autumn Friday evenings.

Hobbies: Auto restoration - I just finished restoring my '68 Corvette convertible and am now working on a '66 Fairlane convertible. Who'da thunk some of the junk we drove in high school would attain the status of "classic?" Jon & I got our scuba diving certification a couple years ago and we try to go diving at least a couple times a summer.

Favorite music: The Police, Oasis, The Pixies, Replacements, Nirvana, Foo-Fighters, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Pink Floyd and anything David Gilmour does. the list goes on and on. My sons often borrow from my CD collection rather than listen to a lot of the recent stuff. They both play guitar and they've turned me on to some "Indie label" and out-of-the-mainstream stuff, as well. They're much more diverse in their musical tastes than I was at their age. Borrowing music from my dad was the last thing I'd ever do as a teenager.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Hollywood self-righteous types and those who put down and undermine the United States and what we've accomplished as a country.

Interesting places traveled to: While in component design for Ford, I traveled a fair amount. One of the engine programs I was on was a "worldwide application," so I traveled regularly to Ford's engineering centers in Cologne, Germany and Dunton, England (outside London). Chihuahua, Mexico was also a frequent destination while I was involved in a product launch there, as well as in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There's still no place like the Good Old USA !

Last good book I've read: "Smartest Guys In the Room-the Rise and Fall of Enron." The book is as much about the irrational exuberance in the business climate at the time as it was about the mis-doings at Enron. I really hope the business world learned something from all of it, but I doubt it.

Favorite TV shows (then & now): One show I've enjoyed then and now is Saturday Night Live. It has had its share of off nights, but there are some real classic shows, too. Mad TV is also a favorite. Prime time TV has done little to keep my interest in the last few years so I watch very little of it. Drew Carey, Seinfeld and The Chappelle Show were fun while they were on. Many of the shows that were popular while we were in high school just haven't stood the test of time very well, in my opinion.

Something I'd do differently if I had the chance: I would've gotten more involved in the social activities in school. I now encourage my sons to get involved in all they can. I guess I've learned that life is as much about who you know as it is about what you know. My best wishes go out to all in our class, and I hope to make it to our next reunion in 2009.

For anyone who would like to get in touch, my e-mail address is:

Catching up with: Lisa (Robinson) Pudoka
Medical Assistant in Green

Family News: I married Rick Pudoka in 1987. Denise (Millsaps, Class of '77) Falcone and her husband, Len, introduced me to my husband. We have a daughter, Kathryn, who is 11 and attends Green Intermediate School. Kathryn has been swimming competitively since she was 5 yrs old. When not swimming, she is dancing and performing at Theatre 8:15 which is located in Green. Kathryn also plays softball & has been on the league championship teams in 2002, '04 & '06.

Education / Occupation: After HS graduation I received a degree in Medical Assisting. I now work for Akron General Medical Center as an Administrative Assistant in the Breast Health Center. Previously I worked at Summit OB/GYN for 11 years and GYN/ONC for 5 years.

On The Move: After getting married we moved to South Bend, Indiana, where my husband worked for Allied Signal and I worked for a Urologist. While living in South Bend we were able to attend Norte Dame football games - that was wonderful! We returned to Green in 1989 and have lived there since.

Backstage Mom: Our hobbies and pastimes are being there for Kathryn in all of her activities. I also do some of the shows at Theatre 8:15 with Kathryn and have really enjoyed it. It is great to enjoy this wonderful experience with her. I think that my friends from high school would be very surprised to find that I was up on stage performing in shows. My husband is a competitive cyclist and is riding year-round.

Travel Highlights: Our favorite vacations are to Disney World and Arizona.

MHS Memories: My best memories are of all the great times spent with friends. The least favorite memories are of the friends we have lost.

Favorite music was Bob Seger, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Stanley and going to Blossom for concerts.

Last Good Book: I just finished reading Mary Mary and 5th Horseman by James Patterson.

I would love to hear from old friends, who can reach me at:

And here's to you, MRS. ROBINSON. "My mom is still in Manchester and doing well," Lisa reports. "She enjoys retirement so that she can take care of Kathryn while I am working. She says hello to the Class of 79." Mrs. Robinson, of course, was our popular Study Hall monitor . . . who favored our class quite a bit, but must've grown tired of saying "Get quiet!" & "Detention!"

Catching up with: Eric Hendrickson
Cancer treatments continue

Eric met his wife, Beverly (Holdren), while working at Holdren's Star Market, and they've been married for 25 years now. Eric and Bev have 2 children, Eric Jr. (21) and Amanda (15). "I have been a lifelong resident of Manchester and am not planning on ever leaving," he says.

Education / Occupations / Family: After graduation from Manchester, I attended the Summit Co. Sheriff's Academy and worked as a Special Deputy from 1983-93. In between that part-time work, I attended Securities School in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and have worked in route sales for the past 13 yrs with both Nickle's Bakery & Interstate Brands Corp., which is comprised of Dolly Madison Bakery and Hostess/Wonder Bread.

Beverly has been employed with Summa Health System for 16 yrs, working in OB/GYN Women's Health up until 3 years ago when she transferred to Summa's Advanced Bariatric Treatment & Weight Loss Center as their Financial Director. My son, Eric, is a 2003 MHS grad, and was highly involved with the Manchester music & technology programs. Right after high school, he began working with the New Franklin Police Dept. as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher, and later that year also started at Summa Health System in their Protective Services Division. He left New Franklin Police last Sept., but is still employed with Summa. Eric will start the University of Akron Police Academy in August, and is also aspiring to become an Akron Police Officer, as he is taking their civil service test next month. My daughter, Amanda, is currently a sophomore at Manchester and is also very involved with Manchester's music program, as part of the marching, concert & jazz bands.

Hobbies / Travel Highlights: In my free time, I enjoy bowling, golfing, spending time with my family, and traveling to Las Vegas, Nova Scotia, Florida, and many other places.

Those Were The Days: I have many memories of my time at Manchester. My favorites include the many days sitting on the stage at lunch time with all my friends, and having Mrs. Sees and Mr. Redding as teachers. My least favorite teacher was Mrs. Adair because she would never allow me to sleep in first period Algebra. My favorite classes, however, were English and Math.

ERIC’S MEDICAL UPDATE : I am still on high doses of Chemotherapy for the Brain Cancer (Lymphoma) I was diagnosed with a few months ago. It has been quite a struggle, but I am finally making progress. We were recently informed that I will have to undergo at least two more years of treatments once a month. I want to thank all the people for the cards that are being sent and for all your prayers; they have meant so much to me and my family.

WE WERE BLESSED to have such an awesome teaching staff at the Middle Schools, so when two favorites recently asked to receive our class newsletters, we also gave them a Q & A "assignment." Mr. Frain's overuse of exclamation points will never get him hired at Pendant Publishing, but we know they accurately reflect the way he talks! Here's a chance to catch up with good friends Mike Frain and Peggy Sees (formerly Mrs. McCutchan), both of whom are now-incredibly-retired.

MR. MIKE FRAIN -- "Forever Young"...and some interesting memories

Career at Manchester: Taught for 31 years, starting in 1970 with Sam Reynolds at Nolley in the 6th grade, and retiring in 2001. Taught 6, 7 and 8th grades (mostly 7th & 8th); subjects included Science, Math and Literature (not bad for pretty much a non-reader).

Extracurricular Involvement: I was fortunate to be involved with the kids a lot (no "fatal error" there, Mr. Harp!!). Did Ski Club, Arnold Service Club, Leadership Camp, BOSS (space travel simulation), "DJ From LA" [I don't know if we had dances when you were there, but Mr. Harp would always say we were "getting a DJ from LA, lower Akron"], and the musicals with Peggy (Sees). Got to coach high school Golf for 13 yrs. and even did 7th and 8th grade Volleyball (not to brag, BUT we won the FIRST-ever league title in the old All -Ohio league!!).

The retirement years so far have been FABULOUS! Bring home more $$$ than I did working!! Have a lot of time to golf and ride my "Harley" (my new passion revived from 40 yrs ago!!). I even do some construction work with my friend, an ex- principal at COVENTRY! OH NO!! My wife still works, so I'm chief cook and laundry man!!

Offspring & Road-Trips: We've been blessed with two FANTASTIC kids: Cathy, 35, ("retired" teacher / 7yrs, from Coventry) and Matt, 32, a Chiropractor in the Coventry area. We have 7 grandkids (I'm not THAT old; must've got married when I was 12!!) My daughter lives outside of Toledo, and my son lives about ½ -mile a great deal of our "travel" includes trips to Toledo! We don't travel as much as I would like to, but have been to Palo Alto to see my sister a few times; Naples, FL; some B&B's in Canada and, of course, the beaches of North & South Carolina!

Memories from Old & New Middle Schools: I think some of the best memories of the old Middle School involved those Douglas Wrestling Tourneys!! Looking down over that balcony and rooting those kids on was as good as it got!! I also remember the "intense" competition in the Magazine Sale between my room and the "dreaded" Mrs. Brokaw (God love her!) - waiting until the FINAL second to turn in your money so you could STILL get up a collection to win!! Of course going to the new MMS in '75 was like a dream come true. We had ALL the latest concepts (open classrooms, walls that moved, teams and just a wonderful group of people!!) I think that was the "draw" for most of us to a place like Manchester. We didn't make the money the city schools were getting at the time, but we didn't have NEAR the problems. Our staff was young, and we all seemed to have the same likes and really enjoyed going out together!! LOVED those TGIF parties at The Falcon!! Even the "elder statesmen" of the group (Mrs. Hardy, Mr. Armenti from the HS) were young at heart!! Some of my best memories were about the staff, the '74 trip to the State Finals, the dances and (later on) the success of the musicals!

Some favorite teaching colleagues: Working with my good friend, Rick Brokaw, and Peggy seemed to have the most influence on me!! Rick forced me to stay focused, and because we were close he didn't let me have the "easy way out," so as not to show any favoritism towards me. Peggy would always come aboard and help me with clubs, projects, etc. and was invaluable in organizing!! I always said she did the work and I got the credit!!

How did kids evolve over 3 decades? As we got nearer retirement, I didn't see as much of a change in the kids as I did in the parents!! The teachers' word was rarely questioned for most of my career, but nearer the end it seemed you had to PROVE that the child was at fault!! Luckily for me, some of my "antics" went unquestioned purely based on my somewhat "good rep." But it is now getting even more difficult for the teachers to feel free to do what they feel is proper! I don't think the teacher should go unchecked, but some of the rules they must follow seem a bit much.

As for personal favorites, I have a few:

Music: I like Country, and the 60s / 70s sound
TV: Fell in love with "24"
Movie: My all time favorite movie might STILL be My Fair Lady (love the Mission Impossible flicks, though!)
Book: Don't read like I should (can't find the time to sit still - you find that hard to believe, I bet), but I loved the novel The Count of Monte Cristo!!
Comedian: Jeff Foxworthy!

"Thank you so much for the interest in an "old dog"; it's memories like this that keep us young and vibrant! Looking forward to the next newsletter and many more to come.

MRS. PEGGY SEES (formerly Mrs. McCutchan). . .Loved teaching at Manchester

In Class.and After-School: I was at Manchester for 35 years, from Sept. 1969 to June 2004, and taught 7th and 8th grade algebra, math, and English. From 1986 to 2001, I directed the Middle School musicals with Anita Agarand and Mike Frain. I also got the music together for the school dances, so I was the behind-the-scenes person.

Kids, and Kid's Kids: My daughter, Kathy, graduated from Akron U and is now a music teacher. And I have three grandchildren: Jessica - 5, Josh - 3, and Nick - 1.

Some Retirement R & R: I'm on 2 bowling leagues a week, and in the one league this summer I've seen a lot of the Hercules family and some others who were my students. I love watching sports on TV, but my favorite is pro football. I play the piano and love all kinds of music, from the Beatles to Broadway. I also sing in the church choir.


TV: Lost, ER, Law and Order, CSI
Music: Right now I'm into Country - Tim McGraw, Diamond Rio, Faith Hill, the Dixie Chicks...
Books: I love to read, and try to finish a book every week, from Harry Potter to John Grisham. One of my favorites is The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.
Memories of Two Schools & a Great Staff: I remember how cold the old building was - the janitor would tell me to put my coat on! It must have been 45 degrees in there. I also recall Dave Douglas's wrestling tournaments in that little gym. The new middle school was like a different world. There were always rumors that the new building had a swimming pool. We laughed and told them that that was the parking lot. Being in Manchester all those years was like teaching in a private school. Our staff got along so well and always helped each other out. We were told that we were a rare group. We always shared ideas with each other, and that made things better for the kids. We all enjoyed our jobs, and that made a big difference, too.

DÉJÀ VU! One of the most interesting things for me was having so many of my former students' children in class. Brian Benton was in my homeroom in '73-74, and his son Brandon was in my homeroom in '03-04, my last year. Cheryl (Vance) Nash's son, Kevin, was in my Algebra class that year, too.

Students, then & now: Kids have changed, because they see and hear so much more, but you have to remember that they are still kids. There were more challenges toward the end, but I still loved it.

IV. SHORT NEWS UPDATES from various classmates (Thanks for the input)

Blaine & Robyn Miller
From Manchester, Robyn writes: "Brad, our oldest son, is a Franklin Firefighter with a degree in fire science, EMT and now a paramedic. Ryan got accepted in the Lineman program and received a full-ride based on his academics. Brittany just graduated from MHS with 3 scholarships to help her in college. She was Homecoming Queen & National Champ in Cheerleading, along with winning All-American Cheerleader. (She was the one who did all the tumbling.) She now coaches an all-star cheerleading team and will attend Kent State in the fall, where she has also made the KSU co-ed cheerleading team." Robyn was inducted into the Manchester Hall of Fame last fall, representing the Cheerleading Program. And Blaine is a happy family man, content watching his family and working. He hunts, reads and (of course) watches football.

Ann (Ovendorf) Trudel
Ann and her family have moved from Michigan to north-central Ohio. "We've started a Raspberry U-Pick business in Amish Country," she writes, "and raspberries will be ready in August-October, if anyone is interested in making it down here to pick and say hi! This is our second season." Ann's place is located about midway between here and Columbus. Here's the address: 6645 Blair Road, Fredericktown, OH 43019

Kathy Young
"I'm happy to report that my son, Nicholas, graduated this past May from Blue Springs High School, here in Missouri. He's excited about attending community college this fall, but nothing can compare to the experiences he had during his high school years. Nick was in the drumline with the Blue Springs Golden Regiment Marching Band and participated in 8-10 competitions each year throughout the Central Plain states. He, along with his younger brother, Bryce, also performed with the band in several nationally-televised parades in Honolulu, Hollywood and, most recently, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City this past November."

Cheryl (Stewart) Speer
"My son, Shawn Ballard, just graduated from high school; he is our youngest and will be attending the University of Texas to study music education. Our daughter, Amanda Ballard, is a recent University of Texas graduate and will begin her first teaching job this fall with the Arlington Independent School District (where we live) at Juan Seguin High School. We're really excited for both of them."

Scott Roberts
Scott recently got a job promotion, which prompted his move this summer from Plattsmouth, Nebraska to Valdosta, Georgia...a 1,200-mi. relocation. He's the eighth Class of '79 friend (that we're aware of) now living in Georgia. Besides Ohio and Florida, that's our largest out-of-state alumni "home."

V. MHS Senior Awards Go To '79 Classmates' Kids

Congrats to all The number of awards and scholarships have really increased since we left Manchester. Here's the report we got from this year's Senior Awards ceremony:

  • Larry Burgoon's daughter, Kathryn, finished 4th in her class, and received the Gilbert & Evelyn Nolley Scholarship, a Kent State University Academic Scholarship, and an Ohio Academic Scholarship.
  • Barb (Carmichael) Wilson's son, Adam, finished 8th in his class, and received the Friends Scholarship, an Ohio State University Scarlet & Gray Scholarship, and an OSU Trustees Scholarship.
  • Blaine Miller's daughter, Brittany, received the B.J. Smith Scholarship and the Manchester Women's Club Scholarship.

VI. Our Sincere Condolences

Six of our classmates have lost a close relative since our last newsletter, including:

  • Mark Chapman's mother on April 24th
  • Sue (Guthrie) Snyder's sister, Jennifer, on May 13th
  • Marie (Trenary) Budich's father on June 26th
  • Suzanna (Lampert) Barkett's father on July 3rd
  • Chris (Sinley) Muller's father on July 8th
  • Elizabeth Snowden's father on July 14th

Thanks to all who sent cards or online guestbook notes, and those who stopped by in-person. We have continued our Class of '79 flower program, and appreciate all who've made generous donations to the fund, as well as Brian Benton and Flowers by Dick & Son, who make these gestures possible.

VII. MHS SCORING RECORD . . . Set 55-Years Ago!
A forgotten milestone?

With a history of basketball stars that includes Mike Phillips, Dan Davidson & Nate Schindewolf, it may come as a surprise that a lanky 5'10" senior guard named Carl Lipford established the single-game scoring mark for Manchester over half-a-century ago.and it still stands today! On Feb. 6, 1951, Carl pumped in a remarkable 67 points against Brewster in a 105-36 road victory. The Panthers, amazingly, were coached by our former science teacher, Mr. John McDowell, who began his MHS career that year. Decades later, Davidson once posted 49 points during a '79-80 game, and Schindewolf tallied 46 in '95-96, but Lipford holds a school-record that may never be broken.

VIII. Our Oldest-Living Former Teachers

According to online public records, the three "senior-ranking" teachers from our 4-years at the High School are:

  • Donna Coolman, who turns 88 this year
  • Faye Mays, who turns 87 this year
  • James Armenti, who turns 83 this year

Mrs. Coolman still lives in Manchester, and Mrs. Mays moved to the Midwest with her son last year. As for Mr. Armenti, nearly every ex-student we've profiled has mentioned him as either a favorite or major we're going to try to get some Q & A replies from him for our Oct. newsletter. This is no slam-dunk task, as he's not been involved in any MHS or faculty activities since his retirement. But we'll make the phone call, at least.

IX: '78 Grad's teenage son battling cancer for third time

Many of our friends know Scott Hilbert from the class of '78, and some have seen the Jewel Cardwell articles about his son, Tom, in the Beacon Journal. As a freshman at Revere in 2001, Tom was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease, and underwent successful chemo & radiation. Two years later, a more aggressive stage-four cancer was found, and the radical treatment included a stem-cell transplant. "Recovery was slow and the threat of infection was large, requiring Tom to recuperate for weeks in Cincinnati (the hospital) before returning home to Akron," Cardwell reported. Last fall, Tom completed his first quarter as a freshman at Ohio State, and then a scan done in December indicated a return of the lymphoma. Friends in the Revere / Bath area have held fundraisers-including one in May-to help with the many costs. We're sure the Hilbert family would appreciate your prayers; and if you'd like to send a get-well card or contribute, just email us & we'll furnish the address.


At this point, there's uncertainty (on our part) as to exactly how many career wins Coach France will enter this football season with. It's possibly 294.possibly 296. We've emailed him for an "official" count, but he hasn't replied yet. However, we noticed that the Alumni Homecoming game on Sept. 29th will be the Panthers' 6th contest of the year. So if six wins are needed, that could be an historic evening. We'll try to update you later, and also list this year's Hall of Fame inductees when they're revealed.

XI. Pop Rocks . . . 9/11 at The Pentagon . . . and Judy Brokaw

What do those three things have in common? They're a big part of the three newest MHS Alumni Profiles found on . Yes, someone from Manchester is responsible for Pop Rocks candy; and another grad was working in The Pentagon on Sept. 11. These are interesting bios (as are the ones archived), and we help with the work on them. Remember, also, that our Class of '79 Newsletters are archived in text-format on the Alumni website. Thanks to the dozen or so of you who've updated your info on the site. Can the rest of you please log-on and do so, as well?

XII. The "YouTube" Phenomenon

You're just seconds away from some CLASSIC stuff Hard to believe, but there are still some who haven't yet discovered the incredible online site, For those new to the game, it's a site where anyone can post videos of just about anything. It couldn't be easier. Just go to the site, and type in a subject in the "search" box. It will pull up any video clips connected with that subject, and begin playing almost instantaneously. Some recommendations for '79ers:

  • "Johnny Sokko" and "Ultraman" (show your kids these memorable clips from the late '60s)
  • "Autistic Basketball Player" (if you missed this recent news story, you've gotta see this)
  • "Debbie Downer" (The first time the sketch appeared on SNL. Possibly the funniest thing you'll ever see, as the cast slowly loses all control. You'll be wiping tears, guaranteed.) Scads of "Mad TV" skits are on the site, too.
  • "The Osmonds" (They kinda rocked, but choreography is pure cheese. "Love Me For A Reason" actually sounds really good, though)
  • "Sid & Marty Krofft" (see the wild mix of freaky Saturday morning shows we grew up with, including Pufnstuf, Lidsville, Sigmund, Land of the Lost.what were those dudes smokin'?)

There's an endless supply of both Hollywood & amateur video clips. You'll be glad you found this.

XIII: Quick Notes

* Mrs. Jackie Zahler, who's worked for 5 of the 6 superintendents in Manchester's 70-year history, retired this month after 38 years. Her friendly nature and professionalism have been appreciated by all who dealt with her thru the decades. Mrs. Betz from the MHS front-office has moved down to assist Supt. Sam Reynolds.

* See You In Court.wherever that is: MHS alum Carol (Workman) Klinger, class of '77, just traded barbs with Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Robart over losing the city's Municipal Court to Stow. Carol is a Republican councilwoman, and Robart is the longtime Republican mayor. The former Panther is "outraged" and "devastated" by the decision to allow the Court to move, saying, "We should be fighting for this. Instead, we've thrown in the towel. The mayor is fully responsible," adding that some of her colleagues partly share in the blame. Robart countered, "If I am, I am. I don't see it that way." Carol's husband is a court administrator. The judges wanted more space, and Stow will build them a new courthouse. Many Class of '79 grads live in the Falls/Stow/Hudson area. Hopefully they'll never meet in the new facility.

* "Idol" inside scoop: We know many of you watch American Idol (still not sure why). But if you're interested, we have the "untold story" from a personal source who works on the show. He said Taylor Hicks was the most difficult singer they'd ever encountered. Behind-the-scenes, Hicks gave the record producers fits, refusing to listen or cooperate. Before the final show, they actually walked out of their session after 3 frustrating hours and pulled the song he was supposed to sing, then later release as his first single. The song he performed was not the original plan at all. One might wonder, of course, "Who does this karaoke wannabe think he is?"

* Zips' kicker makes the NFL: Five years after graduating as the leading-scorer in Akron U history, Zac Derr has won the place-kicker job for the Atlanta Falcons. (Derr was born, ironically, in 1979) Out-of-staters also may not realize the hoopla about having former Zip star Charlie Frye begin this season as the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback.


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