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  Class of '79 Newsletter

Vol. 8 -- January 2006

Class of '79 Newsletters are written & edited independently by MHS '79 grads, with no implied endorsement from Manchester Local Schools.

I. Upcoming Class of ’79 After-Work Dinner / Social at PANCHO’S
Mon., Feb. 6th at 6:30pm

* Who: MHS Class of ’ 79 friends…if you’re reading this, that includes YOU

* What: Casual dinner or appetizers / socializing (No fee…just buy your own food/drinks)

* Where: Pancho’s Southwest Grille in Green / 4325 Massillon Rd. (our own private dining room)

* When: In less than 2 weeks! Mon., Feb. 6th at 6:30pm

* Why: This is our 7th event at Pancho’s, and we’re anxious to see some new classmates join us who haven’t attended yet. We arrange these dates so you can catch up with old friends on a semi-regular basis. Stop in once…you’ll be glad you did — and you never know what familiar faces you’ll see!

EASY TO FIND : Exit off I-77 at Massillon Rd. (Rt. 241…this is only a mile south of the Arlington Rd. exit. Head south for 1 . 5 miles.

LOOKING AHEAD: Next scheduled Quarterly dinner would be Mon., May 1, 2006 

II. Where Are They Now ? ? ?

Paul Palunas is...what else?... an Astrophysicist in Texas

For this issue, one classmate who agreed to send his profile replies missed our deadline. Hopefully we’ll have his bio for the April newsletter. In the meantime, we went online for some public info about Paul, who we fear may never respond to an email. He’s got a pretty “ far-out-there” career…

Paul’s Giant Gas Blobs” & “The Big Bang”

Dr . Paul (Povilas) Palunas is on staff at The University of Texas at Austin. He was one of the astronomical observers who detected & photographed the galactic blob (above) and the 3 merging galaxies within it. They are located a mere 11-billion light-years away!

Another discovery: 3-billion years after the Big Bang, one of the largest structures in the cosmos—a string of galaxies measuring 2,000-billion miles long—had already formed. “The universe is growing up a little faster than we had thought,” said Paul. “We’re seeing a much larger structure than any of the models predict, so that’s surprising.” Hmm.

Okay, “ Gas Blobs ” and “ Big Bang ”…we can understand . But Paul’s other intergalactic complexities are probably best-suited for discussion with Mr. Armenti. If, however, you ARE an outer-space buff, you’ll find TONS of info online regarding Paul’s various work & discoveries, from Rutgers to TX. Google his name and read on.

Paul was just one-half of the Palunas Factor ‘79 . Between he & Victor, they always brought some fun to class.

III. Where Are They Now ? ? ?

Chris Sinley ( Muller ) . . . begins new ministry in Massillon

Chris was one of the top female athletes in our class , and is one of only two ’79 girls to be inducted into the MHS Swede Olson / Jim France Athletic Hall of Fame. She took a few minutes to bring us up-to-date…

Chris and Tony have been married 21 years, and they have a 16-year-old daughter, Kayla, who’s a junior Art major at Massillon Washington High School . The family resides in Massillon .

Post-MHS education: Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Ministry.

Chris’s occupation: Founder and President of Fire and Truth Ministries.  “Through Fire and Truth, I lead retreats, seminars, workshops and worship, mostly for women,” she says. “But I’ve also done some for Sports Ministry and Youth Events.”

Prior occupations: Director of Sports and Recovery Ministries at Dueber Church in Canton

Spouse occupation: Warehouse Manager

Hobbies / activities: Playing guitar and leading worship, camping and reading

Interesting places you've traveled: Santa Cruz , Bolivia and Mexico City on mission trips 

Turning-point experience: Giving my life to Jesus Christ

Favorite high school teacher: Mr. Armenti

Favorite middle school teacher: Mr. Farkas

Favorite memory from school: Winning the 1979 State Championship in softball

Favorite TV show: Law and Order Favorite Music: Anything by Matt Redman, Third Day, or Switchfoot

Chris is editor of the inspirational newsletter, “The Word on Fire,” and her ministry website is quite impressive . You can learn more at, or feel free to drop Chris a note at:

 IV. NEW Websites for Manchester Grads! All accessed thru

 The Manchester Alumni Association has its own website under construction , and you’ll find a lot of interesting items there when it’s complete, including our Class of ’79 Newsletters. Right now, you can click on a button which will notify you when everything is functional—so check it out! Soon, there will be photos (including some of our former-teachers’ on-going luncheons), Hall of Fame history, “Old School Alumni” origins, MHS sports & events updates, and Alumni Assn. activities.

Log on to the website often for news and upcoming events…get involved, too!

 NEW MHS FOOTBALL WEBSITE Visit now, and click on the “Football” link

You can now follow the legendary Manchester football program from anywhere in the country. This website was recently introduced, and will be enhanced over time. But there’s still a good deal of info & photos for fans to enjoy.

NEW MHS BASKETBALL WEBSITE Visit now, and click on the “Basketball” link

This website is far more developed, and is updated after each game. Lots of records, team photos, current data; and the co-designer promises even more pre-80’s history will be added after this season.

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION partial agenda for 2006 :

● Golf Outing ● Reverse Raffle / Silent Auction Dinner ● Plan inaugural “ combined reunion ” for 2007

This year’s MHS Alumni / Homecoming Pre-Game Tailgate Party will be on Friday, Sept . 29, 2006

V. ’79 Classmate Trapped for 40 Hours!

The 2005 hurricane season was catastrophic for those who actually LIVE in the south... but imagine an Ohioan going on VACATION — and winding up in the eye of a hurricane! That’s what happened to Brenda Booth in October, when Hurricane Wilma struck Cancun , Mexico . Brenda had just one hour to evacuate her beachfront hotel and be transported far inland. The slow-moving storm then hovered there, leaving Brenda trapped in the eye of a hurricane for 40 hours! The first five floors of her hotel were under water from the surge. Wilma is the strongest Category-5 hurricane on record in the Atlantic basin, with winds of 185-mph. It caused over $12-billion in damage to the U.S. alone, and wrought utter devastation in Cancun , claiming 22 lives.

Our Sincere Condolences…

Since our last newsletter in October, there have been several class-related deaths . They include:

Marcie Billman’s aunt, on Nov . 7

Jim Johnson’s mother, Sandra, on Nov. 9. Jim’s dad, Bill, was a longtime school board member during our era; and many also know Jim’s two brothers, Jeff (’77) and Jerry (’82)

Kelly Lockhart’s grandfather, on Dec. 7

Joseph Beckman, on Dec. 22. Joe’s wife, Peggy, was also a devoted school board member, and her son, Bruce (’78) played on the tennis team with some of our classmates.

Randy Martin, on Jan. 1. Anyone involved in Manchester music probably knew Randy, who passed away in an accident at home. He was only 46, and had a son who’s a senior at MHS, as well as 2 younger kids. Randy was the president of the Manchester Music Boosters.

Tanya (Eckroad) Bailey’s grandfather, on Jan. 4. Tanya & her husband, Lowell, had remodeled their lower level over a year ago, so that her elderly grandparents could move in and remain together, with some visiting aides.

Ann (Ovendorf) Trudel’s mother, on Jan. 8.

Mr. Joe Harp’s mother, on Jan. 17. One of our classmates was able to see Mr. Harp at the calling hours. Though he’s “retired,” Joe is a regular substitute teacher at Manchester, working appx. 90 school days each year. The obituary for Mrs. Harp noted that Joe’s father died in 2000, and Joe’s wife, Jane, passed away in 1996. Some of you may have known Jane (Lemon), who was a much-beloved librarian at Manchester for several years. And Mr. Harp, of course, will always hold a special place with our Class of ’79 friends.

We have contact info for each of these friends above, if you’d like to send an acknowledgment . Just email your request to You can still access obits for each of these thru If we’ve overlooked anyone, we apologize . Unless we notice a familiar name in the Beacon’s obits or someone emails us with info, we don’t have any way of knowing — so please keep us informed.

VII. MHS Exchange Student returns after 25-Years From Argentina to the Hercules compound

During 1979-80 , Argentine exchange-student Luisa Legrost lived with ’79er Tammy (Hercules) Dixon & her family. Luisa even went to her Homecoming with Steve Blane, the Australian exchange-student from our class. Last March, after a quarter-century, Mr. & Mrs. Hercules traveled to Argentina, along with a couple family members, to visit their “adopted-daughter.” Luisa had planned to return to Manchester in September for the Class of ’80 reunion, but was unable to make the trip until December.

She and her husband have been staying with the Hercules’, while their three teenage kids are bunking at Tammy’s house — where she & Don already have four girls of their own! Luisa has visited with several old Panther friends, as well as our former Spanish teacher Ms. JoAnn Horvatich. In Argentina , Luisa teaches English and Biology at both the high school & college levels; and she has published a short story.

VIII. Panthers Wreak Havoc (Sort of ) at UA Zips Bowl Game in Detroit Eee – jected !!

Many MHS ‘79ers went on to attend The University of Akron. So, when the Zips football team played its way into the Motor City Bowl game on Dec. 26, some Manchester faithful made the drive to Detroit…one of the truly ugly U.S. cities (at least when you’re backed up in traffic downtown. How they’ll accommodate the Super Bowl crowd in 2 weeks is a real mystery.) Panthers in attendance included Dana (Tomich) Zaratsian (’79) and husband Tony (’77); Pam (Pritchard) Wyman (’79)…all the way from Georgia , along with her sons and nephew; Eric Stone (’79), Jeff Gill (’79), Mark Edmunds (’77) with his wife & son; Manchester native Dale Ruther, and some friends from Green & Cuya. Falls. A few wore their “ Fear The Roo ” gear, UA’s big-selling new sports slogan which features an angry pair of kangaroo eyes. Akron lost the ESPN-televised game, but not before some Panthers got tossed! With a few minutes to go, two security lackeys gave Mark and his teen son, Keith, the old heave-ho , saying the Ford Field cameras had caught them…(gasp)…tossing kernels of popcorn at some friends a few rows down! No arrests were made in the humorous footnote from Akron ’s first-ever Division 1-A bowl game.

IX. Quick Hits - Area news for Out-of-state and Out-of-touch classmates

Levy passed, but are trophies dusty? Only 33% of the registered voters in Manchester thought our alma mater was worth saving in Nov. That’s how many bothered to vote for the levy, which thankfully passed by a 55-45% margin. If it had failed a 2 nd time, all sports & extracurriculars would have been history. While helping with door-to-door campaigning, one of our ’79 classmates heard flimsy complaints, like “the trophies are dusty” and the 45-yr-old high school “looks terrible.” In reality, it looks a lot better than when we attended. Mr. Petraitis & his talented art students have lined the halls with such impressive work thru the years, it’s more like an art gallery.

Dennis Lambes peddles a white elephant : This week, the Northwest superintendent and ex-MHS principal is auctioning off the old Clinton Elementary School , built in 1910. It’s appraised at $1.3-million, but the building comes with a $5,000 monthly utility bill, a leaky roof, and potentially cancer-causing asbestos. [ UPDATE: It sold for $122,000]

Manchester entrepreneurs on TV : Ed & Darlene Grimsley are a local couple with a great idea — converting recyclable drink-pouches and other food packaging into unique purses, totebags, wallets, etc. One of our ’79 classmates pulled some strings to get them on a local WBNX-TV talk show, “Heart to Heart.” Their episode first aired before Christmas, but will repeat again this Sunday ( 1/29/06 ) morning at 6:30 on Ch. 55. Looking for an unusual gift? Check out

R.I.P., Flying Machine : Looking back, how incredibly odd was it to drive down Rt. 619 and see a big purple helicopter sitting on a pole? How did they even secure that thing? The old “ Flying Machine” and its many dance-hall reincarnations will soon be razed, along with the adjoining Hillcrest Hotel complex. The dilapidated landmark has seen its share of illegal activity (gambling, etc.) thru the years, and some of our classmates could share a few strange stories…or not.

Neighbors with Lou Rawls : The Grammy-winning singer died earlier this month, but just last year he bought a $450,000 home on Chadwick Dr. in Green, only a few miles from Manchester . During our junior year, Lou had one of his biggest hits in “Lady Love.”

With “friends” like these In one of the most horrific news items ever, a 24-year-old New Franklin moron just pleaded guilty to his role in the murder of his, quote, “ good friend.” The 19-year-old victim was bound, beaten, strangled, nearly drowned, shot in the head, decapitated and burned.

Mr. Ed was a…WHAT? First Santa Claus, and now this. Most of our class was born in 1961, the same year “Mr. Ed” hit prime-time TV. But did you know that the talking-horse we’ve watched was actually a striped zebra? It’s one of those urban-legends that’s actually true, according to The horse wouldn’t cooperate, and the zebra would. Because of some techno-jargon about the black-&-white filming process, Mr. Ed’s bold zebra stripes were not visible to TV viewers.

Re-live “The Miracle!” Thirty years ago, during our freshman year, The Miracle of Richfield occurred. Young Cleveland Cavaliers fans today can’t even imagine the frenzy, as Bingo Smith, Nate Thurmond & co. led our underdogs to the Eastern Finals. Now the Cavs have posted their Top 10 Moments of all-time on their website (under Team / History), with 30-sec. historic video clips. The #1 moment, when North Canton ’s Dick Snyder scored the buzzer-shot to win the semi-final series over Washington, will give you chills. Here’s the link:

X. Separted at Birth???

Our former accounting teacher Mr. Frank Csipke …. and Doppelganger / Actor David Tomlinson. You might recall David as the grumpy father, “George Banks,” in Mary Poppins.

Our former art teacher, Mr.Brad Petraitis (still at MHS )… and L.A. Lakers coach Phil Jackson. Phil’s got a few more hairs & lbs., but other features are remarkably similar.

Manchester High principal & football coach, Mr. Jim France… and

Retired Dallas Cowboy quarterback Troy Aikman. We mentioned this one months ago, but thought a photo might help clarify.


XI. Manchester / Village Politics - Welcome to the Gutter…Fraud…and He said / She said

For decades, the political scene in our hometown has been confusing . Terms like Franklin, New Franklin, township, village, merger, trustee…who can keep it all straight? On the other hand, who cares — as long as we keep getting dirty-laundry election headlines! Here’s what we know, from the recent local press:

    - Franklin Twp. & New Franklin have merged, and now have a Mayor (Al Bollas) and six New Franklin Village councilpersons with factions who don’t agree at all — especially regarding the new 1% income tax.

    - Councilman Paul Adamson kicked off some fun in a Letter to the Editor, charging colleagues Dennis Mobley & Judy Jones with “ deception” & giving out “ false information” to try and defeat the tax. He also publicly chastised two residents (by name) for introducing “ gutter politics” to New Franklin, urging them to “ grow up.”

    - Jones countered with a letter the next week, defending herself & noting the disappearance of her (and others’) campaign signs. She also upheld the legality of a certain mysterious, controversial campaign flier.

    - A Barberton couple on Vanderhoof Rd. were charged with voter fraud, after giving a false “New Franklin” address.

    - Then , the fraud-couple fingered Mobley for printing & distributing their campaign flier, which was highly critical of Mayor Bollas. A longtime political foe of the mayor, Mobley denies their accusations.

    - A reader from Green summarized the mess with his letter, which began: “ Just send those nasty (New Franklin) politicians over to Green. We love them. The nastier, the better , and they do really well at election time.”

Do we LOVE small-town politics, or what? Those council meetings must be a hoot…

 XII. Panthers in the Pros – 2006

Former MHS quarterback Eric Rector (class of 2000) was just announced as a “ key signing ” by the Canton Legends of the American Indoor Football League. Eric joined the team last season as a wide-receiver and became one of the Legends’ best offensive weapons. The team kicks off Year 2 at the Canton Civic Center on Feb. 25th.

Remember GREGG OLSON (class of 1978)? Brainy guy . Well, he must’ve done great in Mr. Csipke’s class, because he’s the Chief Financial Officer for the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers. Prior to that, Gregg held the same position with the Cleveland Indians for 10 years, and then the NHL’s San Jose Sharks for another seven. He’s working for Paul Allen…the co-founder of Microsoft.

XIII. Email Exchange Updates - You can share yours, too / Just email

We re-printed a complete list of our classmates who’ve given us permission to share their email - addresses in our previous newsletter, Vol. 7. (It will soon be archived on for your convenience.) We do have a few to add:

Correction: Karen (Hogarth) Buccigrossi

Changed: Karen Greene | Tami (Hensel) Shepherd | Brenda Booth

New: Jan (Justice) Jacobson

 XIV. Are YOU a . . . Grandparent ?

Our kids are having kids—yikes. We’ve got at least half-a-dozen grandparents already in the Class of ’79, and we’d like to acknowledge these milestones in an upcoming issue. So share your pride by sending your name, your kids’ & grandchildren’s names & ages (plus any good jokes on aging) to

XV. A Joke No More - MHS Girls become powerhouse under Eckert and Pappas

During our high school years , the girls basketball program was so dismal that it was hard to attract enough athletes for a full squad. Coaches ranged from Larry Dellosa…to football guru Jim France! And ANY victory was an epic achievement. Fast-forward to recent years under Bob Eckert (MHS ’74) and, for the last two seasons, Tucker Pappas (MHS ’93). Their Panther teams have won the Principals Athletic Conference 8 of the past 11 years, and MHS is currently undefeated in the league. They were 18-6 a year ago, and Pappas feels they’re even better this year. A trip to the Regionals or State tournament could be forthcoming.

 XVI. Rumble in the Jungle?

The Manchester boys basketball team has had a frustrating season . Included in the current 6-7 record are two OT games and three decided by a basket. One of the last-second victories was at league-rival Tuslaw three weeks ago…where Panthers in attendance noted a surprising lack of sportsmanship, primarily by Mustang adults. Someone seated at the scorer’s table allegedly made obscene gestures at the Manchester coaches, the home fans taunted a Panther player with a derogatory label, the host coach was spazzin’, and there were some reported incidents in the parking lot.

All of which sets up an interesting re-match at Manchester on Tue., Feb. 7th at 7:30pm . Expect added security.

Manchester is the 3-time defending P.A.C. champion, which doesn’t endear the Panthers to many league foes."

The Jungle,” incidentally, is the name of MHS’s outstanding student cheering section…the brainchild of Mr. Petraitis three seasons ago—which has continued to evolve. Students have painted & decorated the section; they plan various “themes” for each game; and it’s a true “6th Man” for the Panther teams. Check it out on the basketball website (see above). We never had school spirit like this in the late ‘70s…it’s impressive. (Wish we’d thought of that Jungle idea, too. Pretty ingenious) 

GROSS INTRIGUE Edgy MHS transfer leads area in scoring and web-hits

Nick Gross is a 6’1” junior point guard who transferred to Manchester last summer , after attending Hoban as a freshman and Central-Hower as a sophomore. When he averaged close to 20ppg at Hoban, he received statewide recognition as one of the up-and-coming superstar players. Last year was a bit of a washout, for various reasons, and he came looking for a fresh start under Gene Schindewolf, Summit County ’s winningest-active coach. For a .500 team, Nick continues to be a huge topic on online sports forums, including, where the thread “Nick Gross is back” has been viewed by over 2,900 readers, with 72 posted comments…by far the most interaction regarding a single player. (BTW, Nick’s father, Vince, coached Hoban to its only hoops state championship in 1989.)

BOMBS AWAY ! Manchester has no real height or talent-depth this season, and their offense consists mainly of deep 3-point shooting. Consequently, there won’t be a league 4-peat. Gross excels in most facets of the game, and his high-scoring will probably top the area stats when they’re posted.

’79 KIDS INVOLVED : Several of our classmates have MHS kids involved with basketball this winter :Jim Eremich ’ s stepson, Blake Marsh, is a starter on varsity. Cheryl (Vance) Nash’s sons, Aaron and Kevin, play varsity and JV, respectively; Larry Burgoon’s son, Ken, plays JV; and Blaine Miller’s daughter, Brittany, is a cheerleader.

XVII. ’79 Classmate's Son Wins Prestigiour MHS Award

Barb ( Carmichael ) Wilson ’s son , Adam was presented with the Rick Shaw Memorial Academic Award at the 2005 Fall Sports Banquet. The honor is given to the football player with the highest GPA…and Adam’s 3.975 sealed the deal. Even so, Barb said it was an unexpected surprise. Popular MHS English teacher Rick Shaw was the JV baseball coach and a football assistant when he died of a heart attack in 1999 at age 37. Although the award is for GPA, Barb says it also stresses other activities the player is involved with at school & in the community. “Mr. Shaw was a teacher first, and that’s why academics are important for this award,” she said. “He coached both of my older sons, and we thought so much of him—so this award means a lot to us. He was very much respected as a teacher & coach by everyone who knew him.” Adam received a plaque, and his name will be on a large plaque displayed in the school. He has already been accepted to Ohio State , where he plans to study Computer Engineering this fall.

The MHS FOOTBALL team finished 10-2 this past season , winning their first playoff game 41-0, before losing to defending state champion Youngstown Cardinal Mooney, 28-9. The one league loss caused the Panthers to end their string of 11 consecutive P.A.C. titles. Eleven in a row!

Retro Road-Trip Dudes: Read This At Your Own Risk ( ha ha )

We’ve been bugging Tammy (Hercules) Dixon to recap this mid-life fling…and she finally did. So here’s her story:

Groupies, this saga will bring back memories . While at dinner with some friends, we somehow got onto the subject of The Partridge Family. Having never really gotten over teen idol David Cassidy , I later googled him for an update…and found that David had 7 concerts planned for 2005, five in the UK’s Wembley Stadium with the Osmonds & Bay City Rollers, one in Massachusetts — and, amazingly, one at “The Ritz” in beautiful Tiffin, Ohio!

“Hello , Ticketmaster ?”

[ Background : Ever since I received that first David Cassidy album from Dani Lombardi at my 10th birthday party, I’ve been a fan. I added to my collection in 5th grade by ordering "Meet David Cassidy" from the Scholastic Book order form Mrs. Cline distributed. And if you rode my bus, you knew that every morning Pam Bloomfield and I would break out with "Ba, ba ba bah…” Julie Hricko and I had a little competition, with her "loving" Bobby Sherman . Then in 6th grade I got to go to Clarkins with my award from the magazine sale to get 3 more albums; my best friend Jan Justice was probably jealous, since “David” is what sealed our friendship in the first place! ]

Back to the story My friends & I decided to take a retro “Girls Night Out” overnight trip to Tiffin , dressing in vintage 70's attire. We watched some old Partridge Family clips & planned our outfits. Mine was a pair of bell-bottom hip-huggers that I added a large fabric triangle to make the bells really big, a smock top, some cool dangly earrings & beads. My friends were just as “groovy” with their creations. And off we headed for The Ritz!

I must tell you , the story goes downhill from here. We had a lot of fun preparing for the concert, but I think we spent more time than David did. BTW, the other fans at the concert were with their husbands, and dressed up in opera-like attire.

David's concert left a little to be desired — his voice was good, but his personality needed help . He spent 15-minutes between each song name-dropping and trying to convince the audience that he used to be Somebody. He played a lot of Partridge Family songs, like "Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque,” "I Woke up in Love this Morning," and others that any fan would be able to join in with. He also sang a few of his own songs. But the concert was certainly not rehearsed! David kept complaining that his guitar was out of tune…and he would mess up a song, not like how it sounded, ask the audience if they thought it sounded bad, then start the song over. One song he started over 3 or 4 times!

The tunes brought back fond memories of my childhood and my friends from school . The road-trip girls with me had a great time, because we made it fun. I'm left a little confused, as I’m not sure if I ever really "liked" David Cassidy. I think my crush was on "Keith Partridge."

Editor’s Note: Tammy didn’t mention her earlier “close encounter of the Cassidy kind . ” When we were at Akron U. in the ‘80s,

David appeared in Joseph & the Dreamcoat at E.J. Thomas. Tammy was working at Jack Horner’s then, and brought David one of their famous strawberry pies after rehearsal. She said he was very kind and appreciative at that time.

 Dates & Things to Remember:

- Our Class of ’79 Newsletters are now quarterly. The next edition will come in mid-April

- Our dinner / socials at Pancho’s are now quarterly. Why put it off?....Join us Monday, Feb. 6th at 6:30pm

- If you plan to change your email-address, please notify us at

- Send us any news items which might be of interest to the Class of ’79.

- Have you missed any previous newsletters, Vol. 1 - 7? Just email & request what you need

- Our 25-Yr. Reunion photo-DVD is still available for $7 (includes mailing) Email & request it or call 330-928-0495

 Post Mortem

Jack Klugman was on WTAM radio recently to plug his new book, Tony and Me. For decades, Jack had been an introvert, never letting his Odd Couple co-star, Tony Randall, (or anyone else) get too close. Then Jack developed throat cancer, and old friend Tony was right there to help him thru it every step of the way. Tony died last year, and Jack regrets that he never told him how much he truly valued his lifelong friendship. So he wrote it in a book. It’s a good lesson for us all. Appreciate the chance to see and talk with old friends now — don’t wait til it’s too late. And if you had any teenage high-school grudges, forget ‘em.

See ya at Pancho’s

Editor's Note: Class of '79 Newsletters are written & edited independently by MHS '79 grads , with no authorization or implied endorsement from Manchester Local Schools. Our purpose is to stay in touch with our classmates in the years leading up to our 30-Year Reunion in 2009, with interesting news items and nostalgic memories. We hope this effort will encourage participation in class activities, and make it easier to locate everyone when necessary.